We are happy to provide all the software necessary to our services, and are licensed to sell a broad range of software packages.

When dealing with 3rd party vendors there are sometimes limits to what we can do, which is why we try to offer a complete range of services like email and website hosting. But our staff will gladly contact the provider and do our best to try to resolve the issue.

Of course. We handle domain registration, site hosting, migration of existing sites and design of new sites. Learn more...

As our technicians' time is valuable, we do charge for travel. f you are located in Montreal, the normal travel charge is capped at 30 minutes. If you are located outside of Montreal, we have a minimum $75.00 travel charge.

If the machine is still in working order but isn't functioning on your network, we can fix that.

While we also provide extensive hardware repair and replacement services, some tasks are outside of our scope. We always recommend warranties and service agreements with outside vendors to provide minimal downtime should a failure occur, and we have reliable partners who can undertake complex repairs.

Yes. We provide remote support for computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Our CompuCARE software is designed specifically to address mobile workers and BYOD workplaces, standardizing, stabilizing, and monitoring equipment anywhere in the world.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: We prefer to avoid that problem in first place. With our CompuCare Threat Protection service, Firewall, IPS/IDS, desktop and server anti-virus software are implemented on your network to avoid infections at all costs. In the unfortunate event that your network does become infected, we will work to get the infection cleared as quickly as possible with as little network downtime as possible.

Absolutely! Our mission is to provide a single point of contact for all your IT needs, which often means coordinating work between multiple service providers and vendors. This includes meeting, e-mailing, and telephone communication with the respective vendor. If a major decision is required to continue, we call you for further instruction.

There are far too many applications on the market for any one vendor to support them all, especially when it comes to custom software packages. However, we are happy to facilitate support calls with the software vendors, and help implement any solutions they suggest.

Sure. We can quickly work with you to purchase whatever items you may need in order to operate. But if you have an alternate vendor you would like to work with, we can make that happen too.

Easy! If you’re a client, just click the CompuCARE icon on your desktop and submit a ticket. You can also submit a request from our support site, or pick up the phone and call our helpdesk where someone will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue.