Case studies

Acura Metropolitain

When a decade-old server at this car dealership started to show signs of aging, we were the first to know.

Because our CompuCARE software had been alerting us to increasingly worrisome performance issues, we were prepared for an imminent failure. Our technicians took immediate action, installing a temporary server with a complete replica of all their data and avoiding a costly service interruption. We then worked with the client to design a replacement system, ordered it, and installed it after business hours to minimize the impact on operations. And because the client had a Premium-level CompuCARE support package, this was all done at no extra charge – including the loaner server that we installed to bridge the gap.


Sometimes when everything’s going right, it’s hard to plan for things going wrong.

This was the case for Corporam after years of our CompuCARE service. They hadn't experienced any problems on their servers, network, and workstations in so long that they decided that they didn’t really need a service package after all. At their request, we suspended the CompuCARE service, and waited to see what would happen. It didn’t take long before they realized just how much value our background monitoring and maintenance were actually providing, and we reinstated the service.