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This case study of a law firm that made the switch to hosted VoIP comes courtesy of BizTech Magazine. Read the entire article, by Cloud-Based Calling Is the Right Connection for East Coast Law Firm — BizTech.

Bonner Kiernan Trebach & Crociata LLP had been relying on an aging collection of traditional PBX phones for more than 10 years. The systems were state of the art when they were installed, but were no longer up-to-date.

While some of the more seasoned attorneys at the firm were hesitant to change anything so fundamental to their work, the younger associates expected their phones to include modern features such as email alerts for voicemail messages and find me/follow me features. Change became unavoidable when the firm’s Philadelphia office relocated.

"I initially considered installing an in-house server to run a Voice over IP phone system. But I’m the entire IT department here."
-Dennis Wakeman, Bonner Kiernan’s information systems manager

Valuable Expertise

While mulling the no-longer-avoidable upgrade in Philadelphia, Wakeman explored his options. He put in a call to his IT supplier to consult with someone who is familiar with the fast-changing marketplace. His account manager asked a few questions about the equipment his firm was using, the size of his firm (130 people in nine locations), his IT staff (one), and the technical ability of the firm’s lawyers.

Their subject-matter expert then advised that a hosted system would be the right choice, given the limited technical resources and cost concerns.

For an in-house VoIP system, the firm would have had to write a large check for the initial capital expense. But with a hosted system, the firm is charged on a per-seat basis. Knowing exactly how much it would cost per employee, per month, was very attractive as they planned to roll it out to new offices.

A fully hosted solution solved the issue of how to support a phone system without adding IT staff, but Wakeman says the cost was attractive as well because it proved to be no more than what the firm already was spending on service and support for its old PBX system.

History Pays Back

Because the new system did not require a capital outlay or increase in costs, Wakeman says he hasn’t stopped to calculate a return on investment. Hearing from attorneys who say the system makes work easier for them — and helps them capture precious billable hours — tells him the solution is earning its keep.

Read the entire article, by Cloud-Based Calling Is the Right Connection for East Coast Law Firm — BizTech.

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