Preparing – mentally and emotionally – for a new PC

With the rapidly approaching end of support for Windows XP, we've been upgrading many of our clients to new computers with Windows 7. No matter how many times we do it, no matter how quickly it gets done, and no matter how smooth the process, it's always a little traumatic for the user. Igor, one of our technicians, has developed a particular expertise in migrating users: preparing them emotionally.

"It's like moving into a new apartment."

To prepare our clients, Igor tells them migrating to a new PC is like moving into a new apartment, an experience they can relate to. It's clean. It's new. It's bigger. Everything's better. But you've got all these new rooms and extra space, and at first, you don't know what to do with them. Even if you've had movers pack your stuff up, move it in, and unpack everything at the end, once they've left, there's still a lot left. It still takes getting used to. It takes time before you know where everything is and you get comfortable in the new environment. Sometimes you go to look for cereal in the pantry, only to find your fresh linens. Or you have to try 5 different light switches before you get the right one.

The experience of gettingĀ a new PC is exactly the same. We're the movers: you pay us to pack everything up, move it in, and unpack it again. You're left with a clean environment and better performance, but you're not used to it. It takes time. Shortcuts aren't where you expect them to be, software doesn't look the same, a scanner doesn't work the way you want it to, etc...

Igor tells every one of our clients this before doing any work. He prepares the user, so that they know what to expect, and then he reminds them that once everything is set up, he's there for their questions and to help them get used to it. It sets expectations, so users don't get frustrated that their brand new PC is sometimes harder to use than their old one.

And it works. Instead of getting frustrated when they can't do something they used to, our clients call us and ask for help. Because we've prepared them, ahead of time, for that moment, because they expected it to happen, they're appreciative that we're there to help.

That's what excelling in our industry is about. If you're a client of ours reading this, leave a comment below, let others know how this approach has helped you. If you're not a client, ask yourself whether your current provider provides the same understanding and quality service. And if you're a competitor, partner, or peer, integrate this into what you do. Our goal at Compumatik isn't to make sales or steal clients - it's to help people manage their IT, and as long as our advice helps, it doesn't matter who's doing the helping.

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