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    What is CompuCARE?

    a different way to think about IT management.
    What are the benefits? 
    What does it include?
    How much does it cost?
    CompuCARE is a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure.

    It's based on 4 principle components:

    1. Continuous monitoring
    2. Regular, automated maintenance
    3. Remote support
    4. One-click support requests

    With CompuCARE, we keep your computer systems up-to-date, identify issues behind the scenes, and act preemptively to minimize service interruptions. The end result is that we know about problems before you do, and fix them before you have to call us.

    Learn more about the components we cover with CompuCARE.

    The benefits of CompuCARE

    A predictable IT budget.

    With CompuCare, we offer a flat monthly rate per component, so that you get a predictable monthly service rate. You know ahead-of-time what your needs are and what to plan for.

    Cost control.

    Reacting to problems is expensive. By monitoring your hardware and acting proactively, we can avoid many problems entirely, and identify the others early so they can be dealt with conveniently and affordably.

    Simple support.

    Our CompuCare clients have access to one-click support and a single point of contact for questions. We can handle most of your problems remotely, often when you wouldn’t be working anyway. Simplify support, improve productivity, and minimize downtime.

    Learn more about our various CompuCARE services.

    CompuCARE is IT management. Simple.

    Computer Monitoring

    • Managed anti-virus
    • One-click support requests
    • Patch and update installation
    • Physical health
    • System performance
    Computer Management

    • Monthly reports
    • Proactive response
    • Remote support
    • Turn-key solutions
    • Unlimited support

    Server maintenance

    • Backups
    • Critical events
    • Hack attempts
    • User management
    • Virtualization


    cloud services

    • Email
    • Google Apps for Work
    • Office 365
    • Remote access & VPN
    • Web design and hosting


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