CompuCARE Fixed-Fee Management

No two clients have exactly the same needs

That's why we offer CompuCARE for a full suite of components.

We mix and match components and services, working with you to identify exactly which components and service levels are right for you. And as your companies’ needs grow, we grow with you.

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    The basic tools that keep everyone working.

    CompuCARE for desktops includes patch and update management, system monitoring, performance tracking, and monthly reporting.


    The brains of the operation, your server's health is critical.

    CompuCARE for Servers provides the same patch and update management, system monitoring and performance tracking, but targeted specifically to watching for every spike in activity or slow-down on your server. At the slightest hint of trouble, we jump into action to make sure that your server never goes down without us knowing.

    Connecting you, your people, your clients, and your work.

    Our network services are designed not only to ensure stability but to improve employee productivity by providing the tools you need, such as VPNs, remote desktop access, network printing, and more.



    34% of business never test their back-ups. Of those that do 77% are found to not work.*

    Others call it Disaster Recovery. We call it Disaster Planning. We put in place effective systems ahead of time to ensure that your recovery, when necessary, is smooth and quick. We configure and manage the backup of all critical data, including virtualized servers, Exchange servers, SQL databases, and file servers.

    You can’t take chances with your business information. We design solutions so that your data isn’t just backed up: It’s verified, secured, and we’re there to restore it when you need it most.

    Threat protection
    60% of businesses close in the six months after a cyberattack*. Are you protected?

    Protection today means more than just installing an antivirus, it means constant vigilance against viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, and other threats. Our managed threat protection guards your entire system against attack. We're notified of detected threats, quarantined files, and other events, so we can take care of your problems before you know about them.

    Our antivirus package is based the award-winning VIPRE Enterprise Software (ICSA and VB100 certified). It provides highly effective virus protection with low impact on system resources, so it keeps your computer safe without affecting performance. And because we're responsible for keeping it up-to-date, you can be confident that your systems are receiving the best protection available, every day.

    "The largest growth area for targeted cyber attacks in 2012 was businesses with fewer than 250 employees — 31% of all attacks targeted them."*


    domains & email
    Domains & email
    Your website is your new storefront.

    Your email and your website need to work, always. They need to work seamlessly with the rest of your system. And they need to be protected, like the rest of your system. So why trust them to anyone else?