CompuCARE Service Plans

CompuCARE is built on 4 principle components: Monitoring, maintenance, remote support, and on-site support.

We offer 3 tiered plans, tailored around your needs.

All our plans include continuous monitoring, managed anti-virus, one-click support requests, and lots of automated maintenance.
Depending on your environment, your staff, the health of your systems, and your overall needs, you may want more than that.




Computer Monitoring Includes

  • Anti-virus
  • Physical health
  • System performance
  • Hack attempts
Included, unlimited
Automated maintenance Includes

  • Patch & update installation
  • Backup verification
  • System reboots
remote support Includes

  • Troubleshooting
  • User management
  • Email problems
  • Printer & network problems
  • Virus and malware cleanups
on-site support Includes

  • Hardware repairs
  • Installations
  • Network maintenance
  • Project implementation
Included, unlimited On demand

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