Backups and disaster planning

Most people call it disaster recovery. We call it disaster planning.

When it comes to your company’s information, disaster comes in many forms. It can be a power surge, a server crash, a flood or a fire. What they all have in common, though, is that they put your business at risk.

Disaster planning means custom solutions to ensure that your critical information is safe, no matter what happens. It starts with systems that are protected from the small things like power surges and outages. It continues with regular monitoring and maintenance to watch for signs of trouble. And it ends with backup solutions designed to safeguard the right information, at the right times, in the right places.

Compumatik offers complete backup and disaster planning solutions, including:

  • Customized systems and solutions designed, installed, and implemented for your needs.
  • Automatic, managed backup programs: Get peace of mind knowing that your data is automatically backed up and verified according to the schedule that you set.
  • Physical backups: On-site doesn’t have to mean at-risk. We offer a variety of ways to backup what you need where you can see it.
  • Encrypted and secure cloud storage: Want to keep your data secure? Back it up to one of our encrypted servers, as safe as it gets.
  • Redundant on-site and off-site backups: Get the best of both worlds with low-cost on-site backups for instant recovery, and an off-site copy in the cloud for the worst-case scenario.


Download our Backup & Disaster Planning Brochure