Support and troubleshooting

When you have a computer problem, you need it solved fast. Whether it's a small annoyance like a missing font, or a major interruption like not receiving your emails, if it's keeping you from working it's costing you money. Our mission at Compumatik is to keep our clients' systems healthy and running, all the time. This means regular maintenance and proactive engagement to prevent problems, coupled with efficient response to minimize downtime and disruption.

Efficient response means professional technicians that take responsibility for your concerns.
It means a help desk that can be contacted by email, by phone, or through our virtual portal.
It means getting your problem solved properly and permanently, the first time.

Ignoring small problems only creates bigger ones. Server errors, network slowdowns, file sharing issues; Windows crashes, software bugs, and missing backups; Hardware failures, email outages, block access... Whatever pain you're feeling, you need a trustworthy, qualified partner to offer cost-effective solutions and help you maximize your IT resources.

We want to be that partner. Call us today.