Startup Weekend Montréal – Ville intelligente: March 27th, 2015

Startup Weekend Montréal - Ville intelligente


Behind each successful startup, there is an idea, a project initiator and mentors. Many people would like to create their startup, but few of them know how to do it. While others spend countless months, even years to do it, you will build your own startup in only – 54 HOURS – thanks to the Startup Weekend! Bring your own skills, your passion and your dedication to achieve this goal.


The Startup Weekend adventure is open to everybody: programmers, designers, business students etc. You are all welcome to join! Your startup could deal with the sharing economy, urbanism, intelligent transportation system, as well as waste sorting or smart home.


To meet people coming from various backgrounds and to built his own network. To develop new skills. To learn about entrepreneurship. To gain access to valuable ressources.

Live a whole weekend as a startuper and take your ideas from scratch to reality! Be bold, be brave, dare to throw yourself into this adventure! Together, build the city of the future; shape Montreal as we dream it!

Édition Ville Intelligente | March 27th, 2015 | Montreal | UP Global Startup Communities.

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