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3 Reasons this fall’s Home Depot attack is relevant to your SME

Home Depot lost information for 56 million cards By now, you've probably heard of - and forgotten - Home Depot's security breach, announced this past fall. You probably know that 56 million payment cards were compromised in an attack that began in April but wasn't detected until September. And you probably know that this followed…
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10 Top Password and Cyber Security Tips for Every Small Business

As a small business you might be thinking, “this only happens to the big companies with LOTS of information”. You’re wrong. Small Biz Technology had a great post last week about cyber security for small businesses. It was short and to-the-point, so I won't repeat the whole thing here, but I'll try to summarize it…
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Top technology challenges faced by SMEs

[row] How many of these challenges resonate with your business? At the end of last year, the National Small Business Association published their 2013 Small Business Technology Survey. In it, they asked business owners about the biggest challenges their companies face with their use of technology. This is what they found:[/row] Costs of needed upgrades: 44%…
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