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5 Tips to Protect Your Business From Hackers

Today the risk of data breach is greater than ever, for large and small businesses alike. But keeping your venture safe is easier than you think. Mind the gaps: Make sure vulnerabilities are patched immediately. Specifically, pay attention for SQL and and Cross-Site Scripts Denial of service: These are brute force attacks that can cripple…
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Fatal flaw found in USB

Researchers have identified a new security threat that, if exploited, could affect billions of devices, and which they claim is essentially impossible to detect or prevent with current technologies. The threat stems from a fundamental flaw in the way USB devices and current anti-virus systems are designed. They're calling it BadUSB. BadUSB in terms you'll…
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Critical Internet Explorer vulnerability

What is Operation Clandestine Fox? Last weekend an internet research lab announced a new security vulnerability in Internet Explorer. According to FireEye Labs, hackers have been taking advantage of the bug in targeted attacks of American websites. The security flaw affects version 6 to 11 of Internet Explorer through a vulnerability in the Flash code…
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