Should you upgrade to Windows 10 today?

Spoiler: We recommend waiting

Patience is a virtue

We know you're excited about Windows 10.

With features like voice controls, a personal assistant,a new web browser, and the return of the start menu, you may be itching to upgrade as soon as you can. We're advising our clients to wait, at least at the office.


Learning from the past

Windows 10 is largely a response to the massive failure that was Windows 8. Corporate adoption of Windows 8 barely hit 15%, for good reason. It was garbage. Fortunately for our clients, we helped the majority of them stick to Windows 7.


Looking to the future

Staying modern is important, especially in the IT world. But that doesn't mean you have to be an early adopter. Stability is always our priority, and in the case of your operating system,we strongly encourage you to let others test it first, or to test it yourself on non-mission-critical systems (like your personal laptop or tablet).

We'll be testing Windows 10 ourselves over the next few months. The upgrade will be free for the next year, so there's no rush. When we're confident that Windows 10 is the right choice for you, we'll help you make the move.


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