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Should you upgrade to Windows 10 today?

Spoiler: We recommend waiting Patience is a virtue We know you're excited about Windows 10. With features like voice controls, a personal assistant,a new web browser, and the return of the start menu, you may be itching to upgrade as soon as you can. We're advising our clients to wait, at least at the office.  …
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Windows 10 Home Updates Will be Automatic and Mandatory

When Windows 10 comes out at the end of the month, it looks like the ability to turn updates off entirely will be completely removed. Home users will have only two options for dealing with updates: installing them and rebooting automatically, and installing, then choosing when to update. Here’s the relevant section of the EULA:…
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“Huge” new vulnerability in Windows – Get the patch now!

Windows yesterday published a critical security bulletin addressing a vulnerability that, according to researches at IBM, has been "sitting in plain sight." Microsoft has also released an update to patch the vulnerability. IBM reported the bug privately to Microsoft in May, noting that it "could allow remote code execution if an attacker sends" a very specific set of…
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